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Control and protect of induction machines
-Engineering and service of variable speed drivers for induction motors. AC drivers (frequency inventers) by Allen Bradley, Siemens, Moeler, Schneider Electric. Power from 0.18 kW to 12.5 MW.
- Inteligent motor contol for induction motors - overload relays, contactors, electronic protection system, equipment enclosures, soft starters.
- Remote control systems for pumps and motors using telephone lines, radio modems and GPRS/GSM.


Control and protect of syncronous motors
-Static excitation systems (SES) for syncronous machines with medium power- 300kW to 12.5 MW. New systems and modernization of existing ones. Achieved high levels of stability and reliability in heavy loads
-Syncronous powers control improving the factory's energy balance.

DC motor control
-Retrofit controllers for DC motor motions in transport and industrial solutions. Energy optimization of DC motions

Electric generators control
-Controllers for stationary and autonomous generators. Autorun systems, as example of a diesel engine, which is a part of an emergency power supply system, synchronization, parallel work, protection .......



DC power supply system
-Engineering and service of stationary rectifiers. DC systems by Bening and Saft. DC Bening Saft. Acid and alkaline batteries by Exide, Sun Light, TUDOR....
-Charging stations retrofit - for operative DC voltage and electric transport with a change of controllers and power electronic elements.
-New and retrofit of existing charging stations for starter batteries from 24V to 80V / 250 up to1500Ah.


Industrial UPS
-Engineering and service of emergency power supply.
- UPS by AEG, Chloride.
-Complex technical solutions- emergency power supply system development, UPS, diesel generators, natural gas co- generators, process automatization




Industrial automation
-Development , introduce and modernization (retrofit) of automation systems.
-PLC, microcontrollers, industrial networks, adaptive software.
-Complete automation with products by Allen Bradley, Telemechanique, Siemens, Moeller.
-Control of de-centralizer (remote) plants and machines with different methods of communications (telephone lines, radio modems, GPRS/GSM). One way and two way communication.
-Solutions for tracking of many objects- vending machines of drinks, cigarettes ....
- Safety control systems


Energy monitoring
-Introduce of enterprise energy monitoring systems - equipment for tracking of real time energy consumption, software, training. Load diagrams and prognosis of energy consumption.
-Energy investigation of equipment on Energy Effectiveness Law .

Power electronic modules
-Modules development are for modernizations of power parts in power electronic equipments. It's purpose for thyristor rectifiers , thyristor switches (solid state), power transistor switches ( IGBT, MOSFET ), control drivers, R-C modules, protections etc.


Small electronic modules
Electronic modules for different areas:
- Dimmers for light regulation - for DIN montage up to 1,2kW, for montage and applications in restaurants, discotheques up to10kW ....
- Remote dimmers for light regulation. For house application, replacement electrical switch.[more]


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